Tips for Storing Your Summer Vehicle Away for Fall

Tips for Storing Your Summer Vehicle Away for Fall

Store your fun summer car away for winter.

Now that the cooler weather has arrived, it’s time to start thinking about preparing for winter ahead. If you have a fun summer vehicle that you only bring out when the weather is warm and dry, now is the time to get it ready for a season of hibernation. To help prepare your summer car for winter storage, read on.

  • Choose the Right Storage Location

Remember that where you store your car is important. Ideally, you can store it in your garage. If not, look for a secure storage facility. You don’t want to store it in an area where rodents want to seek shelter, or under loosely hanging tools and equipment.

  • Wash the Exterior

Before putting it away for winter, you should spend some time cleaning the exterior. Pay special attention to bird droppings, tree sap, and water stains. If you want the paint to be in pristine condition, make sure it is spotless before tucking it away for the season. Also, give it a nice coat of wax to top it off.

  • Add Fuel Stabilizer

Gas can break down over time and cause damage to your carburetor or fuel injection components. A fuel stabilizer can prevent the breakdown, helping to keep gas fresh for up to a year. Once you’ve added the stabilizer, take the car on a drive so it can get mixed in the fuel system.

  • Top Up the Tires

Tire pressure will drop over time, so it’s best to top up the tires before storing the vehicle away. It’s recommended that tires be inflated to the maximum PSI rating on the tire’s sidewall.

  • Talk to Your Insurance Agent

Your insurance agents can recommend appropriate coverages for your vehicle while it is off the road and in storage. If your car is an antique or collector, you may need specialized insurance to protect your investment.

These tips will help you to store your vehicle safely over the cooler months. Are you ready to find the right auto insurance coverage for your needs? Visit Gee-Schussler Insurance for the right auto insurance for you!