Tips to Avoid Frequent Filing of Common Homeowners Insurance Claims

Homeowners Insurance Claims

Insurers honor homeowners insurance claims to enable policyholders to recover or repair damaged buildings and lost properties after a covered event has occurred. However, the need to file an insurance claim isn’t desirable as it arises from a loss you’ve suffered, and it may increase your premiums in the future. Here’s how you can avoid such claims by implementing safeguards against perils for which your home is insured.

How to Avoid Frequently-Filed Homeowners Insurance Claims

  1. Storm Damage

Storm and the accompanying winds can cause significant damage to the exterior structures of your home. Any outdoor furniture or equipment may be at risk, and you can protect it by putting it away or securing it. To minimize the risk of extensive damage, be sure to identify and remove any dead tree limbs from your property. Take a walk around your home and trim off any tree branches you see hanging over the roof. Also, keep your roof in good condition and reinforce your doors and windows.

  1. Fire Damage

Sudden, uncontrolled fires are some of the most common causes of damage to homes and structures and destruction of personal belongings. To minimize the possibility of ever having to file this homeowners insurance claim, implement adequate home fire safety measures. In the kitchen, where most household fires start, get rid of any clutter around your stove or oven. Be careful when using candles or matches or lighting up cigarettes inside your house.

Similarly, install smoke detectors and test them twice a year to see if they work. You can mitigate electrical fire risk by avoiding frayed or exposed power cords or wiring. Also, don’t overload power outlets and upgrade your electrical wiring if you live in an older home.

  1. Water Damage

If too much water leaks in your house, it can cause damage to structures and properties. You can mitigate the hazard by keeping your plumbing lines in good shape. You’ll also want to regularly maintain equipment like washing machines and water heaters as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

To prevent frozen pipes (which can easily burst) during winter, insulate your water lines and keep your heat on at night. Remember that standard homeowners insurance policies don’t usually cover weather-related water damage, such as floods. As such, you’ll need a separate cover for flood damage.

  1. Personal Injuries

You may face a liability claim when a guest or their child is injured on your property, such as in a slip and fall accident on the sidewalk. To avoid such liability claims, remove any tripping hazards from your exterior and indoor living spaces, including porches, patios, stairwells, and driveways. You can make your in-ground pool safer by installing barriers and safety alarms. Ensure the safety of your trampolines, swing sets, and hot tubs, and if you have dogs that can bite, keep them leashed whenever they’re outside.

To avoid common home insurance claims, these are a few measures you can implement to protect your property against hazards like storms, water, and fire. Would you like to learn more about securing your house and personal belongings with the right homeowners insurance policy? If so, contact the experts at Gee-Schussler Insurance Agency today to discuss your specific coverage needs.