Tips to Keep Your Cool and Avoid Road Rage

cars in traffic

Top tips for staying calm in the face of road rage.

Driving, as a stress-inducing activity, inevitably involves dangerous situations on the road, with road rage being one of them. Rude gestures, verbal insults, physical threats, and dangerous driving account for road rage. Most of us know these situations too well. Road rage can lead to more dangerous behavior with drivers trying to intimidate other people on the road, which in turn, can result in collisions and cause danger to our health and life.

Plan ahead

When you leave plenty of time to spare to get to your destination, you are less likely to get upset by other drivers on the road. Plan ahead so that you can give yourself a buffer and keep your nerves calm while you drive to your next appointment.

Avoid driving when you are emotional

If you feel stressed, upset, and tense while behind the wheel, avoid driving. Elevated pressure can then be amplified even more by another driver. Trying not to drive when you are already emotional can help avoid an accident as a result of road rage.

Loosen up

If you feel yourself becoming stressed and tense, take an active note in your posture. Stop clenching the steering wheel, relax your shoulders, and take a deep breath. This will help send a signal to your brain that you should calm down.

Be a considerate driver

Driving defensively, using your signal, and refraining from tailgating others can help to keep the peace on the road. Practice kind driving habits so that you can avoid other drivers getting annoyed with your driving.

Avoid confrontations

You wouldn’t lose your cool face-to-face in a restaurant the same way you would in your vehicle. Act as if you are right next to the person to remind yourself to react more sensibly. If another driver is getting angry, avoid eye contact and do not follow them. 

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