Tips To Protect Your Home From Winter Weather Hazards

With the winter seasons ahead, the weather conditions can be dangerous or problematic for your home! Keep these helpful tips on how to deal with bad weather conditions in mind, to stay protected through the cold winter months!

  • Take the time to identify any weather hazards that are common in your area that you may have to deal with.
  • Get a home insurance policy or review your current coverage! Make sure your insurance policy covers you for the common local weather conditions, in case something happens and you have to pay for to repair damages.
  • Set up a plan for each potential weather hazard. Make sure all family members are aware of this plan, by conducting drills and reviewing it monthly. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect!
  • In the season of bad weather, pay attention to the weather forecasts and warnings, so you can be prepared.
  • Get an at home emergency supply kit. Fill it with things like spare clothes and shoes, bottles of water, a radio, batteries, flashlights, first aid supplies, non-perishable foods and small cooking appliances like a mini stove.

Contact the Gee Schussler Insurance Agency for all of your Illinois homeowner’s insurance needs. Do not let the winter weather cause you grief. Get coverage today and keep your home protected!