Top 5 Tips for Buying & Getting the Most of Our Your Homeowners Insurance

Buying Homeowners Insurance

Here’s what you need to know before signing on the dotted line.

Homeowners may not be convinced that they need homeowners insurance, just that they know that they need to have it. That is, until a peril or lawsuit occurs, and the homeowner can fall back into their financial safety net that is homeowners insurance. At that point, it will feel worth its weight in gold.

Every homeowner has worked hard to acquire a wonderful house full of their own belongings. For this reason alone, it makes sense to protect it from the myriad of things that can cause it harm. Fortunately, such protection (a.k.a. homeowners insurance) doesn’t have to break the bank, cost an arm and a leg, or any other financial metaphor!

Check out these top tips for getting the best bang for your buck when buying home insurance:

No. 1: Know the value of your home and how much coverage you’ll need.
First, know the actual value of your home. This allows the insurer to provide a policy that will cover your home in its entirety.

No. 2: Know your risk!
Insurance is based on risk. Therefore, if you live in a particularly dodgy neighborhood or have a trampoline in the back garden, you could face a higher premium rate as your risk for theft and liability lawsuits is high.

No. 3: Become discount-eligible.
Luckily, you can keep your monthly rate down with a few nifty safety tricks. Many insurers now offer discounts for homes that have burglar alarms, fire alarms, dead bolt locks, and updates heating and wiring systems.

No. 4: Perform a home inventory.
You have a lot of possessions, right? You’ll want to cover these within a policy! Take note of your belongings and their dollar value so that you can refer to this concrete list should you need to file a claim.

No. 5: Know exactly what you’re covered for…
…and if you’ll need extra insurance! While most of your belongings may be covered from theft, fire, and more, your high-value items may exceed the policy limits. For this, you may need to acquire additional coverage if you aim to hold onto these prized pieces.

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