Top Auto Insurance Questions to Ask Your Agent

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Consider asking your insurance agent these questions.


When you’re on the lookout for the right auto insurance, it’s important to make sure you’re asking the agent all the right questions. While many of us focus on premiums and premiums alone, cutting corners could mean we end up in a financial state later on down the road. Be sure to ask your agent these questions when looking to secure coverage.


Do I have all the coverage I need?

You’ll need to fulfill your state’s minimum requirements but it’s worth considering more coverage than that. If you have a new vehicle, a teen driver, drive many miles, or other risk factors, you may need additional cover. Your agent will work with you to find the right coverage to suit your budget, vehicle, and mileage.


Am I eligible for any discounts?

You never know unless you ask! You could find you’re entitled to certain discounts that could have you saving on premiums. Discounts are often for multi-car policies, multiple policies, good students, and safe drivers.


What costs will I need to cover out of pocket?

In the event of a claim, you will need to pay your deductible. Depending on what you decided when you took out the policy, it could range from a hundred or so dollars to a thousand. It’s worth taking some time to assess your financial position before deciding on a premium since you’ll need to pay this upfront before the insurer can help with the claim. Too high and you risk not being able to pay and using your coverage.


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