Top Rules That Car Passengers Should Follow

Rules for Car Passengers

Follow this passenger etiquette to keep everyone safe and sound during the drive.

Drivers encounter many distractions behind the wheel, from cell phones, daydreaming, eating, and the radio. Unfortunately, passengers can sometimes be the most distracting. Everyone hates a back-seat driver, but being a good passenger means more than just limiting your driving advice. If you often commute with friends, family, or colleagues, here are some responsibilities passengers should follow.

Buckle Up

First off, ensure that the vehicle has enough seatbelts for all your passengers. Don’t be fooled into thinking that not wearing a rear seat belt is okay. In collisions, serious injury and death can occur.

Limit Who You Drive With

Don’t allow drunk passengers to sit in the front of the vehicle, especially if the person is rambunctious. An impaired person may become a serious distraction, and may even directly contribute to an accident. Better yet, put him or her in the back of a taxi with a trusted friend.

Avoid Distractions

Even if you’re the one driving your car, it’s best to give the task of controlling the radio and navigating the GPS system to the front passenger. Taking your eyes, hands, and mind off the road could result in a serious accident. Check out this tips to stay focused and avoid distracted driving.

Control Teen Journeys

Passengers can create even more of a hazard for teen drivers. To combat distracted driving, limit how many passengers your teen driver can have at any one time. Also, don’t allow them out on the roads during the night as this is the time when serious accidents could happen.

Strap In Your Child

Never modify an adult seatbelt to make it fit a child. You’ll need the appropriate child seat for youngsters so that they are buckled in the for the journey. Children under the age of 12 should be in the back seat as a deployed front airbag could be extremely dangerous.

Driving with passengers is a great experience! Whether it’s a commute to work for a road trip of a lifetime, make the most of it by staying safe! While you better your driving experiences, be sure that you have the right auto insurance for your needs! Contact the professionals Gee Schussler Insurance Agency in Orland Park, Illinois to get started today.