Unexpected Skills You Should Teach Your Teen Driver

Unexpected Skills You Should Teach Your Teen Driver

Help to inspire confidence and know-how on the roads by challenging your teen driver with these skills.

 Do you have a teen driver in the house? If you do, you probably put them behind the wheel whenever you can, and that is a great way to gain crucial driving skills and confidence on the road. The only downside to this is that the driver can quickly get familiar with the same routes and the same challenges, whether it’s a drive towards the grocery store or driving back from sports practice. When teens have to drive somewhere out of the ordinary or when they encounter a new challenge, they develop new skills and stronger confidence.

Here are a few tricky skills that you probably haven’t practiced with your teen (but should!).

Long Distances

Clearly, you’re not going to want to turn your new driver loose on a road trip, however, if the longest drive has been to the mall and back, they might not be prepared for what driving long distances feels like. It’s often wise to give them some practice free-range driving, such as driving out to the country or catching a college game. Dealing with new roads, extended periods of focusing, and more drivers will help them ultimately become confident once they are loose behind the wheel.


From one-way systems to unprotected left turns to busy crosswalks, there are a lot of different intersections for teen drivers to become familiar with. Ensure that your teen knows how to handle each situation and practice, practice, practice! Mix it up with different directions and stoplights so that your teen builds confidence.

Night-Time Driving

Teen drivers tend to drive in the daylight, or at the very most, dusk. However, driving at night is a completely different feeling as vision is impaired and more focus is needed on the roads. Practice driving on a dark night with your teen, preferably on a weekday night when the roads aren’t as dangerous as the weekends.

Keep your teenage driver safe on the roads by helping them to develop smart skills. Additionally, secure auto insurance that can help. Contact Gee Schussler Insurance Agency, serving motorists in Orland Park and neighboring cities in Illinois with the right and reliable coverage!