Overlooked Variables That Impact Commercial Auto Insurance Premiums

variables that impact commercial auto insurance

Operating a business involves multiple rights and responsibilities. While your primary goal is maximizing profits, you must also navigate various risks that could harm your business. A strong commercial auto insurance policy will assist you if you rely on vehicles to complete services and help your business function properly. Commercial auto insurance covers you if an emergency occurs while you’re on the road completing business-related endeavors. In some cases, minor collisions are unavoidable. Perhaps you are concerned about how being involved in an accident or another issue may impact your commercial auto insurance rates. The truth is that calculating your commercial auto insurance premiums may be more complex than it seems. That said, here’s a look at some underrated variables impacting commercial auto insurance in Astoria.

  • Employee Driving History

    Many employers are having a hard time finding experienced drivers to complete tasks. Having to rely on inexperienced drivers only increases businesses’ risk levels. Many analysts also believe that age could potentially play a factor. Many top commercial drivers are entering retirement age, and analysts predict there will be a struggle to fill those gaps. Some current drivers are bothered by the transition to electronic time tracking and may seek to move on. Taking away even a little bit of independence has restricted the talent pool. There’s more pressure than ever before to find safe and experienced drivers. Hiring drivers with minimal experience increases your liability risks.

  • Mileage

    During the economic downturn, companies were forced to adapt. There was less demand for sales calls and deliveries. As a result, some drivers lost their jobs. Now that things are trending upward, many companies are relying on resources from within instead of choosing to hire someone else. As a result, drivers are starting to put more miles on their commercial vehicles, increasing the risk of an accident or another issue.

  • Higher Medical Costs

    Higher medical treatment costs are also causing problems for many companies. Even minor car accidents cause injuries that require expensive treatment to repair. As a result, auto claims are becoming more expensive, which raises commercial auto insurance in Astoria premiums. Damaging soft tissue injuries are especially problematic, as they require extensive rehab to heal properly. Small businesses are left vulnerable, as they may not have the budget to cover these rising medical treatment costs if they are held liable for someone getting injured. Hiring safe drivers who can avoid accidents is especially important in today’s climate.

  • Distracted Driving

    Many commercial drivers spend long hours on the road. Naturally, their minds may start to wander at some point. However, research shows that the number of bodily injuries and property damage caused by distracted driving continues to rise. While texting is a common way drivers lose focus while behind the wheel, recent data also shows that more drivers are getting distracted by taking their eyes off the road to look at the radio or the GPS installed in their vehicles. It’s recommended that you notify your drivers about the dangers of distracted driving and the increase of commercial vehicles hitting pedestrians over the last few years.

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