What is High-Risk Homeowners Insurance?

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Not every homeowner or home are created equally. While some people and properties need a standard home insurance policy, others require more specialist coverage. High-risk homeowners insurance directly addresses home and homeowners who have a higher risk associated with them.


The Home

The home’s location, history, and condition are all considered when deciding whether or not a home is considered high-risk.

  • Location – If the property is located in a high-risk area, such as one prone to natural disasters, it may be categorized as high-risk. If there is substantial crime in the area, a home may be considered high-risk, too.
  • History – Does the home have a history of a lot of insurance claims? Even if the claims were necessary and legitimate, a home may be high-risk because of several claims filed by previous owners.
  • Condition – A home that is in poor condition or is older may have a higher chance of a homeowner filing a claim. As a result, the house could be categorized as high-risk, calling for specialist coverage.


The Homeowner

It’s not always the house that is high-risk – it can be the homeowner. Homeowners have more effect on their insurance policies than they realize.

  • Credit report – A poor credit score will impact your home insurance policy, and insurers may even label you high-risk if you have a blemished credit report.
  • Inquiries – Some insurance agencies make a record any time a policyholder calls to ask about coverage after an incident occurs. Even if you don’t file a claim, the insurer will make a note of your inquiry. In this case, being inquisitive can result in being labeled a high-risk policyholder.


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