What to Consider Before Purchasing Auto Insurance

What to Consider Before Purchasing Auto Insurance

What are the factors to consider before buying a car insurance policy?  

Many car owners buy car insurance as a formality without giving it a thought. Often, low premium costs are the sole deciding factor when choosing an auto insurance policy. However, this can be a costly mistake to make. Whether you’re looking for a new policy or shopping for your first, it’s a good idea to keep these considerations in mind.

Understand your coverage needs. A great way to assess your coverage needs is to note down your vehicle make, model, age, and value, how frequently you drive it, what you use it for, where it’s parked overnight, and your annual mileage. Among other factors, insurers will look at this information to determine how much coverage you need and your premiums. In essence, the longer you are on the roads, the higher your risk of being involved in an incident. As a result, you could face higher premiums.

Consider bundling coverage. A good way to save money without sacrificing coverage is to bundle your insurance policies. If you have home, renters, business, life, or other insurance policies, consider adding on your auto insurance through the same insurer. Most agencies will offer a discount if you take out two or more policies with them.

Read the policy document. Never sign on any dotted line until you are sure of what you are being offered. Read the fine print included in the policy descriptions, and don’t hesitate to ask your insurer what is and is not included. In many cases, you may find you have coverage gaps that need to be filled in.

These tips will help you prepare you for shopping for your new policy. For the quality car insurance that will protect you and your vehicle, contact the team at Gee-Schussler Insurance Agency. We serve Orland Park and surrounding cities in Illinois.