When You Will Need to Update Your Commercial Insurance

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Understand when you should review your commercial insurance coverage.

A significant number of people always take time to review and update their home and life insurance policies but end up forgetting about their commercial insurance policy. As a business owner in Illinois, it is important that you regularly review and update coverage so that protection stays in line with your business’s needs. Take a look at just a couple of events that dictate it’s time to update your commercial insurance policy.

  • Your business has expanded

If you’re moving your business to a larger space, creating new business departments, or recruiting more employees, you need to understand that your business is growing and your current policy may not offer sufficient coverage. If your business is expanding, your small insurance policy will not be able to cover everything unless it is updated.

  • Your business is downsizing

If your business moves in the opposite direction, downsizing, you may require less coverage. If you need less commercial space and a limited number of employees, you can adjust your policy to suit your fewer risks. Your insurance agent will be able to address your current risks.

  • Your business model is changing

Are you moving your physical business online? Are you switching from manual operation to an automated service? If your business model is changing, you may face new risks that you didn’t previously have to contend with. As a result, your commercial insurance policy will need to change, too.

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