Why It Pays to Secure Coverage Through an Independent Insurance Agency

Why It Pays to Secure Coverage Through an Independent Insurance Agency

Advantages of using an independent insurance agency.  

All it takes is a quick Google search to know that there are thousands of insurance companies and many policy options out there. It may seem daunting to find the right insurance agency for you, but it’s important to do so. Working with the right insurers means that you’ll find coverage to suit your needs and have expert advice nearby. Here are just a few reasons why working with an independent insurance agency offers you more.

They save you time.

An independent insurance agency, quite simply, does the work for you. You don’t need to spend hours searching for the best deals and comparing coverages. They understand the insurance industry, and they know how to offer you the right coverage at the right price.

They offer you unbiased advice.

One of the many differences between an independent agent and a direct writer is that the independent agent works specifically for you – not the carrier. Independent agencies work with a multitude of products so they can find the right coverage for their clients, rather than just selling carrier policies because they have to.

They forge a long-term relationship.

Working with an independent insurance agency means that you’ll get to develop a lasting relationship. It’s not just a matter of buying a policy and renewing it every year. The team will get to know you and your insurance needs, taking a vested interest in keeping you informed and your policies up to date. They’re there for you when your child starts to drive, when you decide to start a business, and when you buy or sell a home.

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