Why to Update Your Home Inventory This Spring

Why to Update Your Home Inventory This Spring

Add an inventory update to your spring cleaning checklist.

Spring is traditionally the time for a thorough housecleaning. After all, it feels good after the long winter season to freshen up your surroundings and prepare for the warmer and brighter season ahead. Cleaning the interior and exterior of your house makes for a great opportunity to make or update your home inventory list. Home inventory lists are a useful tool in tracking your possessions and determining values for your home and contents. If an emergency were to happen where your possessions are damaged or stolen, a home inventory can take the stress out of filing a claim and figuring out what is missing.

Here are some simple home inventory basics:

  • Where to create the inventory: Home inventory lists can be written out and then scanned on the computer and stored as a digital file. It can also be kept in notebooks or online databases. There are plenty of options! If you choose to keep your inventory on a computer, it’s best to also keep a hard copy of it in a fireproof safe or stored away from the home, such as in an office or at the bank.
  • Organize by rooms: Keep lists for the kitchen, bedrooms, living rooms, game rooms, garage, etc. until you’ve covered your house. Breaking up the inventory by room can make the task less daunting and can help keep managing the lists easy when items are added or sold.
  • Take photos and videos: It’s a good idea to take pictures of your items so that the insurer can see the condition of the items before being stolen or damaged. If possible, take videos and pictures and be sure to include the serial numbers, too.
  • Include appraisals, receipts, and values for high-quality items. These documents are especially important for items of value. Large ticket items such as jewelry and antiques may require additional coverage on your home insurance policy, and many companies will insist on acquiring an appraisal.
  • Update regularly. Remember that a home inventory is only useful if it is up to date. When you sell, donate, and purchase items, remember to update your list!

While you’re in the spring cleaning frenzy, why not take the time to ensure your personal documents are organized? After completing a home inventory, it may be time to review the values of your coverage on your family’s insurance policies. Ensure that you have the optimum coverage by visiting the professionals at Gee Schussler Insurance Agency. Our team of professionals is here to help you protect your home in Orland Park, Illinois.