Winter Vacation Preparation Tips

Leave your worries at home and take insurance coverage with you. 

With winter break just around the corner, you may be getting pretty excited about the vacation you have planned.  Finally, time to relax – an opportunity to escape from the mundane tasks of daily life! A momentary, geographical cure, if you will.

Although you follow yourself everywhere, your insurance coverage may not. Here are three suggestions to consider as your vacation approaches:

  1. Read up on the coverage offered by your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance. If you do not have a policy, you may want to get one! This can cover you even while you are on vacation! On average, these policies will protect personal items as well as provide liability insurance. Thus, you would be covered if your belongings were tampered with or stolen, just as you would be covered if you someone was to get injured on your property.
  2. Check that your health insurance covers you wherever you are traveling. If you are vacationing abroad, your policy might not be accompanying you. Here are some questions to ask your provider:
  • Does the policy cover medical payments at the travel destination?
  • Does it include the high-risk activities that you have planned? (ex: scuba diving, mountain climbing, hiking, skiing, etc).
  • Does the plan cover out of state or foreign doctor and hospital fees?
  • While speaking with your provider, you may want to ask about medical travel insurance policies and packages that they offer if the current coverage is insufficient.
  1. If you have ever rented a car before, you have experienced the mental battle that ensues when asked: Would you like to purchase insurance for the rental vehicle? Our suggestion is to  purchase the Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) from the rental car company.The LDW covers any damages to the rental car, as well as any money lost due to time for repairs of the rental car if needed. As always, read the fine print of the LDW plan to make sure you are aware of the coverage and any exclusions.

For more information on all your insurance needs, locally and abroad, contact Gee Schussler Insurance Agency in Orland Park, Illinois. Let us help ease your worries so you can enjoy your well-deserved vacation time!